The team

Jelena Grujic

Jelena is a co-founder of the DataBeers Brussels chapter. She is a Data Engineer working for Dataminded. Previously she spent years in academia, most recently at AI Lab, Vrije Universiteit Brussels. She has a background in physics and she worked in game theory, complex networks, machine learning and big data. She has a lot of experience with public speaking, training people to give public talks and organizing scientific events for the general public. Learn more.

Johan Loeckx

Johan is the Lab Manager at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel’s AI Lab. He’s open minded, empathetic and like to get things done. He’s allergic to borders, creative and T. His passions are music, education, and AI. Learn more.

Eline Vanwalleghem

Eline is a data scientist at Datashift. She loves applying her data wrangling and modeling skills in the field of customer intelligence and marketing optimization. While having a beer, you can talk to her about LEGO, Playmo(bil) and Robo(ts). Learn more.

Marie Hargitt

Marie works in web development, communications and strategy consulting. A fan of cycling, code and good coffee, she is an active supporter of initiatives that support women and underrepresented groups in tech and beyond. She is also co-founder of the Casual Cycling Club  – a local cycling initiative for women. Learn more.

Ramanuja Rao

Ramanuja (Ramji) is a consultant in Data Science. He is passionate about applications of AI for natural language processing and participant of the Effective Altruism moment. Learn more.

Charlotte Nachtegael

 Charlotte works at the Université Libre de Bruxelles in Informatics, while completing her PhD in bioinformatics. She’s a data scientist with a strong background in biology. Her research focuses on complex genetic diseases with the help of big data, complex networks and machine learning. Her main area of interest in AI and data science is how it could be applied for personalised medicine and the improvement of healthcare. Learn more.

Jose Gavalda Garcia

Jose is a PhD student at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels. He works on the development of machine learning algorithms for the prediction of biophysical properties of proteins, as part of the RNAct project. His hobbies include cooking, cycling, dancing and crying when neural networks overfit. Learn more.

David Fernandez

David is a senior consultant in the private sector with a Software Engineering educational background. He is focused on helping to define and implement corporate Data Management strategic plans. Passionate about Belgian chocolate and Flying Simulators, he has tons of fun playing in Brussels parks with his dog. Learn more.

Christina Makarona

Christina is a Project Coordinator at European Schoolnet. Her background is in Physics but she has worn many hats – researcher, educator, science communicator. She loves data (naturally) because that’s how she learns and understands the world. Learn more.