DataBeers Brussels no.16

We returned for our 16th edition on Tuesday, 27 October at 20:00 CET. We had a great line-up of speakers and enjoyed our second edition online. Get your tickets on Eventbrite here.

  • Samuel Scarpino (Northeastern University & Santa Fe Institute) with ‘COVID-19 became a pandemic because it’s a complex system’
  • Joris Renkens (Freelance Data Scientist/Strategist) with ‘Data Science meets Design Thinking/Lean Startup: what you solve is more important than how you solve it!’
  • Juami van Gils (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) with ‘Analysis of protein expression in frontotemporal dementia: common struggles in bioinformatics’
  • Milena Čukić (3EGA B.V. Amsterdam and Universidad Complutense de Madrid) with ‘Cloud based service for depression detection’