DataBeers Brussels no.29

Our first event of 2024 took place on Thursday, 22 February 2024. Tickets went live 8/2/24 at 17H CET via Eventbrite.

  • Rik Pauwels (EMEA Data Tribe Tech Lead @ Devoteam G Cloud) with “Finding Focus in Big Data”
  • Nayla Obeid (Co-Founder, JewelKitPro) with “Designing with Data: The JewelKitPro Revolution”
  • Pathmanaban Ramasamy (Postdoc, VIB Center for Medical Biotechnology, UGent-Department of Biomolecular Medicine) with “From Shadows to Spotlight: Unveiling Protein Mysteries through Advanced Data Mining and Re-processing”
  • Maarten DevillĂ© (Head of Recommendation, Search & AI Platform at DPG Media) with “Why am I seeing this? An inside look into how video platforms decide what’s next for you”